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So is the Xiaomi my MIX after falling to the floor


Possibly that Samsung replay it is and we see a Galaxy S8 without bevels to the Xiaomi my MIX. Not so much play it is because it has been which has really started this trend of smartphones without bevels with their “edge”, but is Chinese manufacturer which has the lace to the format with its my MIX.

With those rumors hovering around the possibility of a Galaxy S8 without bevels, perhaps Samsung should of look what occurs with that phone of Xiaomi when falls to the floor after escape is of the hand of a user. A phone from Chinese manufacturer that has a huge 6 screen, 4″ and a ratio screen volume of 91.3 per cent.

With these characteristics in the screen, my MIX does not seem to be constructed to be capable of withstanding the untimely fall to the ground after escaping from the hands of a user. The evidence of the crime lies in a photograph taken from the phone when it broke from the hands of a customer in a shop of Xiaomi in Hangzhou.


Gravity made theirs and mode “troll”, showed the problems that occur to this terminal when you pass by a good hit on the ground. Screen not only broke it in ceramic body also took their damage. That Yes, we must emphasize that this phone with 6.4-inch screen does not protect Corning’s Gorilla Glass as occurs with other terminals.

What happens, is that this phone is almost a murder put you a cover that hide it own beauty that has and that has irrumpido so that has left enraptured to all those that have taken one in your hand.

Xiaomi my MIX will have its first sale flash this coming Friday, so we will be looking at us as those 10,000 units which are manufactured per month are sold in a matter of tenths of seconds.

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