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Solid state, the solution to explosions batteries

In recent times we have read on all sides as devices of different companies have done combustion or exploited, putting at risk the integrity of its users. The reason of this problem lies in the technology used in the batteries of lithium.

Happens that them batteries conventional, and which use in the majority of our devices are composed of an anode and a cathode, separated by a liquid highly flammable, that to the time of a hit or puncture can cause a fire or explosion. But what if the anodes and cathodes, rather than be “floating” inside the battery, they were separated by solid state electrolytes. This would avoid the problems that we have seen, but at the moment it is a too expensive technology.


This technology is not new, what is more, many cameras use them. According to Android Authority, the problem is the price, where to the capabilities of mili amps, which already are us made, the price of a team would rise to the thousands of dollars just by having this type of battery in the solid-state.

But there is hope. Given them last events happened with Samsung and its Note7, and even problems with some iPhone, is that the companies would be developing any form of bring these batteries to their future devices without affect the price of these. And it is that at the end and all, it is probably cheaper to spend at this stage of production which risk having to withdraw a team of the market, as happened to the big S in South Korea.

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