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Solved the problem of the exploit of Firefox to the Tor users affected


A couple of days ago we inform you again exploits that had been detected and that affected Firefox and therefore all the Tor browser users, since it is based on the feature Mozilla browser. This exploit type zero-day, also affect all Firefox users. Just made public this problem, the guys at Mozilla announced that they were already working to try to solve the problem, a problem which has already been solved the developer of Firefox, has announced so users is the only thing we have to do updates our version of Firefox.

Exploits or zero-day attacks are named because they are vulnerabilities that developers themselves are unaware but found in its system since the first day and it is considered one of the most dangerous, especially when it concerns operating systems and is one of the most valued by all them security companies and software developers.

This exploit used a bug in Firefox to perform attacks arbitrarily to all users who visit a web page with Javascript and SVG code. While this exploit only works with Windows users, also found in versions for Mac and Linux. It should take into account that this exploit used the Windows kernel, so it only affects these users.

This type of vulnerabildiades is very similar to those used a few years by the FBI, to get the real IP address of the users of the website of child pornography in the deep web, so many are experts who claim that the FBI was behind this problem. The network Tor has become a problem for the American authorities, due to anonymity that offer, and in recent years They are trying to find tools that allow them to expose to users of this network engaged in illegal activities.

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