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Some Android phones can not download content from Netflix

On-demand content service finally fulfilled his promise to allow downloading of content, leaving their users stunned by so pleasant and expected functionality. Although it is limited to phones Android and iOS, a series or movie from Netflix to download for offline viewing was great news per is.

Users of the service awaited the arrival of the update that would make it possible to download content from Netflix, ignoring that there were certain requirements of through. For example, that it is only compatible with devices 4.4.2 Android and iOS 8.0 onwards.

At the moment, nothing that it could exclude many of this feature, but digging at the site of Netflix support (via gHacks) you will find that not all Android users can download content to view it offline, since your device must support streaming in HD playback.

Android devices must be able to stream content from Netflix in HD to select the quality of video. Visit our article on Android for more information on HD-compatible models.

To visit the web page that mentions the notice on the support page, you will see a list of tablets and smartphones that support streaming in HD, which only includes models of well-known brands, which does not include any of Chinese origin.

We think that the list will grow gradually or Netflix can begin to worry about the rain of criticism that you will receive. Looking at it from another form, there are smartphones like the S4 Galaxy that are not on the list and yet are able to download shows and movies from Netflix without problems. Maybe it just means something good.

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