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Some Google Pixel are suffering the ills of the Nexus

Them problems is still accumulating in them teams of the range high, and is that added to the problem of that the Google Pixel is was frozen by several minutes, now is add reports of that them equipment is are turning with the 30% of battery remaining.

This problem, which initially affected the direct competition, now joins the list of complications of the first generation of Google phones without the name Nexus, who were also suffering from this, along with other serious problems.

According to a post on Reddit, several users have reported that the support in line them 24 hours with which has the terminal not has been of great help, since them sent to restore of factory the phone and this seems not fix the problem.

“My Google Pixel with less than one month of use is facing serious battery problems. Twice in the past five days the phone is turned off abruptly when I’m in the middle of something. On both occasions, the phone was between 25% and 35% of battery. “Low conditions normal, I had been some three or four hours more” declares one of the users, exemplifying the problem.

It is not yet known how many terminals are affected by this problem and if it is due to a software or hardware problem. If Google comes to refer are to the theme, will be attentive to inform them.

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