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Some Google Pixel have serious problems in the camera

Makes not much reportábamos as the cameras of all them Pixel of Google showed a halo of light in some situations and that the company is committed to fix the problem via update of software to it as soon as possible. Now it turns out that some users are complaining that the problems are far worse.

Purple and pink streaks across the image and color blocks that distort, move randomly around the screen when you want to take a photo.


At the moment Google ceased to refer to the subject to see that the solution offered by them did not work, clear the cache, and reinstall the camera application. It is the community of users of the terminal which has discovered that this problem only would be affecting the international versions of the equipment and that those who do not can solve the problem using other applications to take pictures, so some infer that it would be a hardware problem.

We will be attentive to this story and see how it responds the giant Google against this not minor issue that could affect either your Google Pixel purchased through the official channels outside the United States.

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