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Some Google Pixel is are turning with a 30% of battery remaining

He horse of battle of the company Mountain View is low the spotlights another time. Now different users cry out to their brand-new Google Pixel are turning with a 30% remaining battery.

Makes any time the Nexus 6 p had a problem similar, and according to it consigned by Android Authority, Huawei, who manufactured the team, cried out that is was of a problem of software, not of hardware. Such complexity was solved by Google later.

Not has been simple the launch of the first team of Google, some were inoperable by minutes, while others showed serious problems in the camera. Few sides were free of problems large enough as to make a high number of users report them, still problems of high reach.

Google not want to make pass bad times to their customers and already has announced a prompt update for this annoying problem. Anyway, in a future version of the Pixel, the of the Googleplex cannot afford so many massive failures, especially with the amount of good equipment at low prices from China.

On an official release of this equipment by our lands, have received response from Google’s that there were specific regarding this news.

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