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Some Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 + have problems of “red screen”

And it seems that the South Koreans are not having a good season after what happened with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and the legal issues of corruption of the heir to the company. In this case the problem is not related to the battery from the device, this does not ignite or much less, but some users who have one of the new Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 + Galaxy they are complaining of a shade of red on the screen of the device that is not normal. This is a problem affecting multiple devices and that I see as another important stick to a company that delayed the launch of these devices precisely to prevent any failure in the device, but it is clear that they have failed and “stain” is increasingly larger.

For now we must say that there is the possibility that affected some users not notice this if you don’t have another model equal to the side, but some other cases if you notice much the problem and this may be due to different panels that have been installed in the new Samsung Galaxy S8. In this case leave the clear video with the problem of the red screen of the companions of ProAndroid, a video that clearly shows the problem and puts in a serious bind to Samsung if really isn’t resolved with a software update that have already officially announced from the company to solve or at least try to solve this problem.

In any case it is not a problem that affects all units that have been sold, but it is obvious that the problem exists and users should take appropriate measures to make Samsung take care of already recognized red screen problem. The S8 Galaxy could not afford mistakes in view of what happened previously in the company, is that quality controls appear to shine by their absence in a model that already showed the same day of the presentation that facial recognition was not safe, fingerprint sensor is in a somewhat problematic location and now since once a sale officially see as it has a major problem on the display.

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