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Some users already can use “OK Google” in Android Auto

Android Auto

An app as Android Auto and that not have the special commands of voice of Google Now, is almost a murder if speak of software. Good, not both a murder but that almost or is can understand, since facilitates of this way that the driver can be centered in the road, instead of looking the screen each several minutes.

Android Auto already is available for all from makes some weeks, and in these days past, for some users, the command of voice “Ok Google” is being used of way surprise and without Google has posted nothing of form official. A great finish, to which only remains that it go being expanded international form.

When it was released in international way Android Auto 4 weeks ago, was expected to do so with the arrival of the “OK Google” voice command support, so that he could thus be used as a hands-free. The great G is makes of wait and are only some users that can use them commands of voice to interact with Android Auto.

Android Auto

It is not that we are talking about something that lightly, but we have an image that witness the arrival of this support of such importance for an app of this type. An app that is in charge of offer information in road, management of the music u another type of data that us come very well, apart from have an interface for of a look it know, is vital that them commands of voice are integrated almost from its launch.

The truth is that has been 2 years already in the Play Store for some regions, the only thing that has always given the feeling that was in the form of beta.

If like try luck for trying to get the support to them commands of voice, try to install the version 2.0.6427, since is one of them steps to follow, the another is that is active from the side of the server. To cross fingers.

Download the APK for Android Auto in your version 2.0.6427

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