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Sony continues with updates to Nougat, this time the Xperia XZ

Android 7.0

If a little while ago we communicate news about the non-arrival of Android Nougat 7 to the terminals of Huawei, what we have this time is official confirmation of the upgrade for the Sony Xperia XZ, a device that has been presented by the Japanese company at the IFA in Berlin this year. The smartphone from Sony is the new batch of Terminal launched this year and in part it is normal that sooner or more update Android Nougat 7.0. On this occasion Nougat remake will come, or is coming through OTA users who have this Sony device. The signature is that announces your arrival from your Xperia Blog and would not surprise us anything while we are writing this text on your device to jump to update notification since it seems that it has released for everyone at the same time.

If you are one of the users who has one of these Sony Xperia XZ do not delay in check in the settings of the device if you have available in this new version, since May that the OTA jump at the time of access. It is clear that the improvements added in this new version of Android are sufficient motive for wanting to update your device, if we have the option of doing so right now the best is also launched.

Sony is firms that really cares for users in this sense and often release updates for their devices of the first, so in this sense we can’t have any complaints.

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