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Sony starts early in the morning at the MWC with its Xperia XZ Premium

Good morning the Japanese firm had appointment with the means for the presentation of their devices, in this case the smartphone star presented this year in the event that takes place in Barcelona, is the Sony Xperia XZ Premium. The first thing we will say is that it’s a spectacular terminal with nothing risky design (as tends to always make the signature), but inside it’s really spectacular and has a 4 k screen, Yes, the first to reach mobile devices.

In addition to this new Sony Xperia XZ Premium, they have released two more of the series Xperia x terminals and presented other products like the revolutionary projector Sony Xperia Touch – that already be booked today same – or the new Xperia Ear. Well, all of these products will see one, but now we will start with the new flagship of the company.


On them that can highlight at first sight is that if you mount the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 , but it is not the only change regarding the previous model and it is that this new Sony adds in addition to processor that in theory it should be for Samsung “exclusively” one GB of RAM, so it stays with 4 GB of RAM LPDDR4.

On this new device screen we have to say that Sony is the first to use 4 K resolution HDR on the screen of a smartphone. It has a size of 5.5 inch 8(rece 0,3″ respecto el actual) and 806 ppp. No doubt the screen must be seen live but personally I think that 2 K is more than enough for a 5 or 6 inch mobile device, since it encourages not so much product…

This new Xperia XZ Premium camera is not far behind and they have highlighted the option to record videos with a quality HD 720 p at 960 frames per second. The designation Motion Eye, allows these options as well as carry out blasts of four photos and let the user choose and your memory integrated into the sensor itself improves the transfer speed in addition to less distort images made. The rear camera is 19 mp and the lead of 13.

In terms of the operating system we’re talking about Android 7.1, has a battery of 3230 mAh with fast charging, simply available 64 GB of internal storage and will be available in the coming months, that Yes, its price is no detail despite the fact that the first rumors placed it environment to 700 euros approximately.

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