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Sony will insert the trickle in the firmware of its terminals

Sony Xperia Z2

It is customary that increasingly are more mobile and tablets which have the function of quick charge, a feature that allows in just a few minutes to load half of the battery, but this makes the terminal battery to deteriorate easily.

This in an old smartphone would not be a problem since we changed the battery and go, but now models do not have this option and the deterioration of the battery causes terminal to stop work. Sony seems to want to change that and it has created a new function that will surprise more than one: the trickle. The trickle of Sony is a new feature that makes switch, so that when battery is heated by a high load, the system cuts the load until the temperature returns to regularize, in such a way that the terminal is loaded but with forecasts for the future, for a future of the battery longer than normal.

Slow load regulates the temperature of the battery in your load

Sony has indicated that the trickle will be a new Android 6 function, a function that inserted in all its terminals that support Android 6, especially the Sony Xperia Z2 and Z3, terminals which already have time and to which it will be beneficial that similar loads are carried out.

The truth is that so far no one has cared about the fact fast loads to annoy the battery terminals or rather shorten the useful life of the mobile, however you can now with the addition of Sony technology, companies begin to worry about it and more if the users are interested in this. Personally I think that the trickle charge is interesting but batteries solution is change the elements not software.

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