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Sony will leave smartphone market in India, China and the US. UU

With the financial results of your last period emerged openly that smartphones Sony division has been causing serious losses to the company, but now it seems that the stage would be more serious as feared originally, with the announcement of a change in strategy, where will not boost its presence in some Nations where their smartphones have not had good trade performance.

According to a report by Xperiablog, the executives of the company have held a series of meetings these days, to examine their future projects and change the focus of their work, guiding efforts to causes that may be more optimal for the company, without generating them huge monetary losses in the process.

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Low this optical is discovered that there are some markets where it sale of their devices mobile not is favorable, such is the case of India, United States, Brazil Indonesia and Chinese, so them managers have taken the decision of decrease considerably its presence in those markets, for focus is in America Latin, Europe and Asia, where his performance is more favorable.

A few weeks ago confirmed that Sony would eliminate completely their domestic production in the nation of Braziland this movement appears to be aligned with its new strategy, which seek to retain its loyal user base, but focusing more on the markets where you can have a more promising future of sales.

It is unknown what will happen with the Xperia family in the next few years.

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