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Soon skin disease can be detected through your mobile phone

According to a study by scientists from Stanford to the former Google executive, Sebastian Thrun, have a medical breakthrough using artificial intelligence.

With applied technologies of the giant Mountain View, this group of researchers claim that with your mobile phone you can recognize melanoma.

This was achieved through about 130,000 photos of melanomas and 18 repositories of photographs, where this intelligence artificial is capable of spinning the information and know, with a fairly high success, if it is skin cancer.

The success of the dematologos in the Studio is a 66%, while this application is 71%. Even so, is expected to be a complement, not a replacement, since under certain scenarios the accuracy of human sources could not be overcome with artificial intelligence.

Among so many advances that they point to the commercial, is a great respite see advances in the area of health, taking advantage of the incredible technologies that we see in the area that we are passionate about: mobile.

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