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SoundPEATS P2, heavy duty speaker with IP65 certification and good sound [REVIEW]

Are you looking for a speaker? that also be good nice and cheap? Today are going to speak you of a speaker portable of the brand SoundPEATS, and is that this company has a comprehensive catalogue of devices of audio in stores online as Amazon, what les has cost good fame. Today I want to show the SoundPEATS P2, a speaker with certification of resistance to water and the impacts that will allow you to transport it beyond where you want to. Learn more about to this SoundPEATS P2, a speaker that will pleasantly surprise you with the price which is and the quality of sound from your speakers.

First we discussed that we we find to a speaker is not thought to be the most beautiful of the living room. It is designed to withstand all the whiplash that comes to mind put him, and much more. With form eneagonal, whose sides are covered of rubber resistant to the water, while front and rear are coated of mix between polycarbonate and metal that you bring a plus of resistance quite interesting. Therefore, it is a highly recommended speaker if what you want is to forget about possible accidents and enjoy listening to music outdoors.

Technical characteristics

This speaker has a battery of no less than 2000mAh, lithium-ion might sound to some, but it has little more or less than many mobile market, taking into account that it is a speaker, this detail ensures an autonomy that we will hardly find in other speakers, no less than 10 hours of autonomy. To load it will have with a connection microUSB classic.

As regards the functions, will have of compatibility with iOS and Android full, therefore can change of song by pressing the button of “+ volume” or back with the of “-volume”. Has with a button of Play / Pause that to its time us will allow take the calls, by what has microphone integrated and we will act of hands free. As to the scope of the Bluetooth when it comes to listening to music, the Hi-Fi system + A2DP1.2 assures us up to 10 meters away, however, have found that these ten meters can be reduced to eight. Weighs 381 grams and measures 9.8 by 5 by 9 cm.

In the purely auditory we have a front of 5 Watt speaker and the back will be responsible for issuing low, they are quite pointed, thus advising this device for outdoors and offering us a power of sound that actually we were surprised when using it. Indeed, I dare to say that as speaker for a habituation individual small is more than enough, and the autonomy not you will draw of rile.

Intended to take it to the street

Your certification IP65 us will allow carry him beyond where want, literally, it have pulled, wet and damaged. The result is that it continues listening as the first day. Waterproof, to test of dust and to test of hits, by what is the companion perfect of them parties, the beach or the meetings of youngsters. You can buy it in two colors, blue and green pistachio, however, predominantly black gums and polycarbonate, for what the colorful details should not mark the difference.

In addition, AUX and offers if we dispense with the Blueotooth to save battery life on both devices at the same time. The bottom has a hole to screw supports of cycling for example, the same as for any action camera or similar. Also has a rubber handle for transport, that can easily extract through a basic screw.

You can get it right now at Amazon for just € 22.99 at a significant discount. If you are looking for is really a speaker, with accented bass and powerful sound, I advise the P2 SoundPEATS as an interesting alternative, a correct combination of several of these devices can be attractive even in outdoor.

Opinion of the editor


  • Materials
  • Resistance
  • Audio quality


  • Design
  • 8m range

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