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South Korea will install traffic signals for those who are not removed from your smartphone

Despite all the good people that deliver us smartphones, we know that they can become a danger if we manipulate them badly. Probably all we ever happened: we walked down the street stuck to the cell without look for where we are going, exposing ourselves to traffic accidents.

For this reason, already are several Governments that are implementing measures to alert people about the dangers of manipulating the smartphone on the street and the last to do so was South Korea.

As part of a pilot program, the Korean Government, together with the National Korean Police Agency (KNPA), he has presented two traffic signals to inserted in Seoul, with the aim of alerting the people walking looking at his cell phone.

smartphone_01“Care to walk using the smartphone”.

"Camine con cuidado".“Walk with care”.

The project will be implemented in five areas: Hongdae, City Hall, Yonsei University, Gangnam Station and Jamsil Station, places where a large number of accidents related to the smartphones have been reported.

Above security measures for passers-by, taken although this time is looking for users to move away from the phone instead of supporting a bad habit. A few months ago, in Augsburg, Germany, were installed traffic lights on ground and in 2014, in Chongqing, China, implanted tracks traffic slow in sidewalks, all of this for those who walk facing the cell without raising the head.

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