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SpaceX begins the testing of its new engine interplanetary


Long time we know that all the space agencies of the world are immersed in a new kind of space race to get take a man to Mars. Due mainly to are many them problems to solve, what carries to his time the need of invest much money to solve them, for example and from NASA, is asked to them companies private that them help of any way. Thanks to this today for example have that talk of SpaceX, company directed by Elon Musk, that even already final details for your first mission not manned to Mars, same that is will lead to out in 2018.

In this sense, today Tuesday 27 September the own Elon Musk plans to give a lecture, taking advantage of the celebration of the 67 International Astronautical Congress held in Gadalajara (Mexico) where will offer us new details about this unique project that will end in 2024 with what should be the First Manned Mars voyage. One of them points strong of this mission is is leading to out today day since the company American just of start them tests of their new engines, same that will be them responsible of boost the rocket that will take to the man to the planet neighbour.

Raptor‘ is the name chosen for the motor interplanetary created by SpaceX.

The engine developed for this project, named officially as ‘Raptor‘, highlights, among other things because of the size of ‘Merlin‘, engine that today day encourages the Falcon 9 though, as it announces from SpaceX, this new prototype has up to three times more power while maintaining almost the same size. This basically means that speak of a motor capable of offer a force of thrust of up to 3 meganewtons while ‘ Merlin’ is complies with ones 0.6 meganewtons approximately.

Returning to the Conference that it takes offer Elon Musk, titled as ‘an interplanetary human life‘, she will we discuss long-term technical remains that you must solve as before to get a self-sustaining permanent human presence on Mars, a milestone that would go far beyond the arrival on the planet, a relatively simple part within the mission , hence, as Musk, announces that from now should begin to think and develop the idea of what we will do and how we’ll survive on Mars once we get to it.

If you are interested in seeing the Conference of Elon Musk, in the video located just under these lines will see it live. Just let know you that it will take place at 13.30 hour from the Centre of Mexico and 20: 30 Pacific time.

Click here to view the embedded video.

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