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SpaceX will take two tourists to the Moon in 2018


For quite some time of the space race by two Governments such as the United States and the former Soviet Union. It now appears that this race is being led by several private companies, including SpaceX , which, as it reviewed its own CEO, the visionary, Elon Musk, is able to carry tourists space to the Moon in 2018.

As has secured Elon Musk, and insurance so you’ll be thinking about it, these two space tourists much less will be two people who have been lucky enough to win some kind of contest, event or something similar, but they are two very wealthy people who today have already paid much of the money that will cost the trip in the words of the own Elon Musk, have already paid a “significant deposit“.

SpaceX has already selected the first two tourists travelling to the moon.

In terms of the necessary technology, comentarte that SpaceX has the versatile capsule Dragon V2 that predictably will be driven by Falcon Heavy, the most powerful rocket that the American company has in production. Despite the power of it, is expected to travel to last about a week since the capsule, from its take-off on the Mainland, must travel a distance between 482.000 and 644,000 kilometers, distance which corresponds to the distance between the Moon and Earth’s return and the return capsule will be circumnavigating the moon.

At the moment the identity of these two people is not known though, if we know that in the coming months will begin a program where it will seek to physically conditioned these space passengers as well as offer them minimal training so that they know as Act in case of emergency.

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