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Spain could be chosen to host the TMT, the most powerful telescope in the world


Makes already enough years, believe remember that was to end of 2014, when is announced the creation of the TMT or Thirty Meter Telescope, a telescope more powerful never built that, in a principle, was to be located in the top of the Monte Mauna Kea. Unfortunately since the beginning of the project the same makers have found with a multitude of problems, including the fact that this mountain is considered sacred to the people of Hawaii.

At this point, let know you that the project could begin because the direction of natural resources of Hawaii gave permission to build in that area, after an intense legal fight was the Supreme Court of Hawaii by the end of 2015 you just cancel the building permit , which means that the project should be suspended , so far.

The TMT could be housed finally in the island of the Palm in Canary.

After the cancellation of construction permits and because of that the betrothal of the international TMT Observatory not have been able to reach an agreement with the inhabitants of the area, the project has been blocked from 2014. As detail, comment you that speak of a investment of 1,400 million of dollars that could get to the island of the Palm in Canary Islands.

As detail, let know you that while the Canary Islands are considered as the second best place in the world to host these features, just after Mauna Kea telescope, the truth is that project must in turn face several problems such as loss of 2,000 metres of elevation which, as already has been announced It would above all to reach resolution and wavelengths infrared medium necessary to observe the Galactic Centers. Precisely because of these problems, the TMT managers have not guaranteed even its new location at 100% since before they must return to calculate benefits and costs associated with this change.

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