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Spanish scientists manage to develop the first effective treatment against Dawn syndrome

Síndrome de Dawn

For decades, many have been the researchers and scientists who have tried to discover some kind of treatment effective against Dawn syndrome, an abnormality caused by the appearance of an extra chromosome 21. After all this time scientific Spanish belonging to the Centre for Genomic regulation in Barcelona have managed to discover that truly effective treatment against Dawn syndrome.

As mentioned in the published paper is where tell all the details of the investigation, this treatment has been based on a compound that is present naturally in green tea. This compound, apparently, would be able to stop and adjust the level of proteins generated by the DYRK1A gene, one of the causes of the syndrome of Dawn. Unfortunately, as they also suggest, the fact of treatment to have their origin in green tea more than help in the investigation has caused the opposite as due to its natural origin can not be patented by what not interested most of the pharmaceutical companies.

As you might expect, the researchers in charge of this project shows very hopeful with the possibilities that can offer this new treatment. As detail, let know you that people who were lucky enough to receive treatment, short-term, showed improvements in impulsiveness and the images of the cerebral cortex taken by researchers. As a negative point directly found that the project has run out of funding.

As final detail, let know you that by the time treatment only has been tested in 84 patients whose ages were included between 16 and 34 years old, a very small sample that should be extended to get that her treatment is approved for marketing. To get the team could perform be evidence he said of a substance valued at 700,000 euros, financing Jérôme Lejeune was conducted by the pharmacologist Rafael de la Torre and the French Foundation.

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