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Specifications HTC Marlin, the future Google Nexus filter


In recent days they are talking much of Google new devices, which will be the new Google Nexus. This is among other things because they will again be manufactured by the company HTC, being the first that welcomed Android on their devices.

And if recently we knew that there was the HTC Sailfish, now we have known completely the other model, The Marlin HTC. This device will be superior to the Sailfish HTC but the difference between both devices will not be as great as that at present there are 5 Nexus between X and the Nexus 6 p.

HTC Marlin will have a display of 5.5 inches, not 6 as we thought

HTC Marlin will be a terminal with a 5.5 inch with resolution QHD display, a resolution that already have other handsets on the market. This terminal processor is Qualcomm, but we know yet the exact model that will have. To this component it will accompany you with 4 Gb of ram , which will cause the terminal to perfectly run the latest versions of Android. HTC Marlin will have two cameras, an 8 MP front and a rear camera 12 MP. While the sensor is not very high, presumably expected a best rear camera which in the Nexus 6 p. With respect to memory internal, the device will feature two models of 32 Gb and 128 Gb each.

3450 mAh batterywill give HTC Marlin autonomy. A battery that could count on quick charge having Qualcomm processor. In addition, HTC Marlin will be USB-C, bluetooth, Wifi, fingerprint sensor and the latest versions of Android.

Both the price and availability do not know it, is still expected to be the end of this year, i.e., that it will be the next Google Nexus range, although I personally doubt that HTC is working with Google to this range with the current range is also speculated and finally any HTC device emerged with the Nexus brand , although it is clear that both companies continue to work in relation to Android.

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