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Spotify accuses Apple of boycotting them with your app in iOS

It is no secret that with the launch of Apple Music Cupertino friends looking to stay with a slice of the business where currently governs Spotify, but it seems that the ambition of this company is such that have begun to engage in unethical practices to block the road to the mobile app of its competition within iOS , what has triggered a public claim.

According to a public letter drafted by the people of Spotify, and delivered to various sites in the IT sector, Apple would have rejected the latest update of the Spotify mobile app for iOS, justifying this blockade in breach of the new “rules of business model”, where the music service would be required to pay 30% of the profits generated by premium subscribers who use an iPhone or iPad.

Horacio Gutierrez, spokesman for Spotify said that this que este movimiento movement would force to increase the cost of the subscription to Spotify users inside IOS, what position in automatic to Apple Music as a cheaper and accessible service, which would be generating a direct violation to the principles of free competition between both services.

This lawsuit would already have long brewing in United States, since the very birth of Apple Music and the release of offers such as the three-month Spotify Premium service for less than a dollar.

This model of cut costs is illegal for Apple if they do not receive a share of those income and now seem to want to block the app completely.

You will always be the alternative for the desktop version, or change of platform.

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