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Spotify is in talks to buy SoundCloud


The market of the music in streaming is suffering of a time to this part a transformation and each time is going reducing the number of companies that offer this type of services. To end of the year last Rdio fell the blind by problems to monetize the service. This year has closed the service of music in streaming of Line (that previously had acquired to Microsoft) and the of Samsung that closed makes as only a few days. Today we have raised with the news of the negotiations between Spotify and SoundCloud. Everything seems to indicate that the musical offer in streaming will be reduced to Spotify music from Apple, Google and Microsoft services.

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According to Financial Times, the giant of the music via streaming is in advanced to seize SoundCloud talks a service of music streaming is not similar to Spotify and Apple Music, since it focuses on Catapult unknown artists to success thanks to support from the broader community that its users are. According to some analysts the current value of SoundCloud, while it is not yet profitable economically, stands at 700 million dollars.

He interest of Spotify in SoundCloud could duty is to the number of songs available in this platform, near 125 million of songs, many of them of artists that are starting in the world of the music but also has in a catalogue of artists of recognized of recognized prestige that climb their mixtures to the platform with headquarters in Germany.

Of time not know the reason by which it signs Swedish is interested in make is with SoundCloud, but not doubt much that is motivated in treat of win users to costa of checkbook, since its maximum rival currently, Apple Music, has retrieved less than the double of users of payment in these last six months that Spotify, what shows that continue being them Kings of the music in streaming. Currently Spotify has more than 40 million users of payment while Apple Music reached 17 million earlier this month.

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