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Spotify tab to the former manager of Lady Gaga

The launch last year of Apple Music could be considered kick off of Apple Music. By the way, we have seen how some of existing at that time music streaming services have been falling along the way, as it is the case of Rdio, which closed its doors before the end of the year 2015. Pandora, the other great music streaming provider also is happening it really badly, since both Apple Music and Spotify are underway with the majority of users who are hiring this new way of consuming music.

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Currently Spotify, by their seniority, he has more than 30 million paying subscribers while that Apple Pay, with less than a year on the market, but with clear advantage to be available on all devices manufacturing company, currently has 13 million subscribers. While the growth of both services is more or less evenly, the Swedish multinational wants to expand the subscriber base and so just hire the former manager of Lady Gaga. Troy Carter, former manager of Lady Gaga has confirmed the news directly in your Facebook account.

Troy Carter has excellent relationships with singers, groups, writers of lyrics and record companies in general. In this sense Tidal and Apple Music were a step ahead, since they didn’t have their ranks someone with this type of relations in the world of music. Your Facebook account can be read in:

I am a firm believer that Spotify is the future of music. In my new role as Global Director of services, my job is just a natural continuation of I’ve always done, protect the voice of artists.

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