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SpotMini, the new disturbing robot from Boston Dynamics

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Whenever we see a new robot from Boston Dynamics, the truth that gets a little creepy by the ability of movement and manoeuvrability. It is as if we were watching the future before our eyes and, with a little imagination, we could foresee that robot world where these machines are used for all sorts of tasks to which we are accustomed that humans do so.

Boston Dynamics just released another video which shows the haunting of SpotMini capabilities, its new robot. A four-legged robot which can connect a mechanical hand of five kilos and is able to manipulate objects with great accuracy. Really surprising is handled in the kitchen to take vessels or trash and drop them off at their respective sites.

Apart from power pick up objects and leave them anywhere, that arm also serves to be able to merge if dropped suddenly as happens in the video when inadvertently steps a few bananas. One of its greatest qualities is that this time don’t need cables, as other Boston Dynamics, and hydraulic systems to operate, since it is all-electric.

To be able to do all those things that we see in the video, SpotMini has multiple sensors which adds depth cameras and several to the perception in the extremities, since one can ask how it is able to walk without bumping or crouch under a table with such ease. It is also surprising that ability to leave his “head” still while the rest of his body maneuver from one side to another.

Now Boston Dynamics is located in sale since it chooses to do so as well Google after purchase in 2013. The reason for this is that they believe there is a billionaire for this type of robot market. However, Toyota is already interested.

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