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Square Enix and Marvel work on a video game of the Avengers

A film that was very much of the action movie-loving public, superheroes and even to lovers of comic books is The Avengers. However, unlike many of these films, as it could happen with Batman: Arkaham Night, it was not accompanied by a video game to the height, I say to the height because the above example we have a masterpiece. However, is never late, and especially when Square Enix is inserted in the garlic, because according to the latest leaks Japanese company and Marvel are working as a team to produce a game based on The Avengers.

We do not know how will get achieve characterize most popular superheroes, however, Square Enix already has enough reputation in this regard, did and continues to do so great for example with Kingodm Hearts. For this reason, everything makes us imagine that labour will bear their fruit and confine all. They have not left us more than the trailer that can be seen in the upper part, so even if we wanted to, not we could give you more information. We can imagine that it will be available for all platforms, at least the most popular such as DVDRs 4, Xbox One and PC.

All points to would be focused a little more to the gender MMO, something as well as Skyrim, but clear, the trailer not us leaves glimpse too much information, only the hammer of Thor, the shield of of Captain America, all in an environment quite gloomy, apparently post-battle, and that culminates with the logo of them Avengers. What if they have dropped us is the date, at least in General. At some point before the end of the year 2018 will be The Avenger Project available for platforms that deem appropriate.

We will be constantly inform you of how you advance this project, no doubt.

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