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Square Enix launches site teaser of a new Final Fantasy mobile

Square Enix has published a web site teaser (via Gematsu) that in all likelihood is for a new Final Fantasy to be released on mobile devices, since the URL says “FF_NEW” and at the bottom you can read “iPhone” and “Android”.

The site warns that the official announcement will be in five days, and as you can see there are some interesting tracks. To start sample art created by Yoshitaka Amano, characteristic of the series music plays, and included the following sentence of Tahashi Tokita.

Final Fantasy is about characters with human feelings. About dramatic battles of anger and sadness, and most of all, we must not forget that it is fantasy.

Tokita was the director of Chrono Trigger and Parasite Eve, Designer main of Final Fantasy IV, has participated in a variety of titles from Square Enix and currently has a since of leader in the area of business of the company.


Meanwhile, Final Fantasy XV is complete and ready to launch on 29 November in PS4 and Xbox One.

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