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Still the best: Telegram now adds its own games

From makes much time that Telegram is the best customer of messaging of the world world and their creators have followed adding functions in pos of this (pity that the world prefer WhatsApp because Yes, but that is another story). And now, Telegram gives a step more to keep are in the top: games.

The new Gamebot of Telegram allows you to play on the same client, on any platform and without downloading anything extra except the latest version of the application (3.13). The games is running in HTML5 and obviously is keeps record of best scores to compete with them friends, sharing those games in windows of group or of chat individual.

We know that they love Telegram because it is lightweight and efficient, that it requires new games platform 0 bytes of space and not added nor a miserable byte size of our applications. The only thing we are adding is an incalculable amount of fun in their chats.

Games are available in the Android and iOS versions as well as clients for Windows and Mac, although in both cases they open a tab in the browser where to run the game. Corsairs and Lumberjack is not bad, in fact.

Long life to Telegram.

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