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Stolen data from 2.5 million players from different platforms


A hacker group, to find and exploit a security breach, with a lot of efficiency has managed to expose nothing less than 2.5 million players data both Xbox and PlayStation. Before continuing, let know you that have not been these platforms have been the attack, but two important forums used by players who suffered the attack in mid-September of the year 2015.

As detail, let know you that forums of gaming which was carried out the attack were the popular ISO PSP and Xbox360, same channels that, frequently, are often used for pirate exchange of copies of video games. Among the stolen data, highlight that each player is got to steal not only their access credentials, such as name and password, but also much more sensitive data such as addresses of e-mail, connection IP addresses used frequently or all personal data.

Come to light 2.5 million PlayStation and Xbox users access data.

Apparently and according to Microsoft as Sony, none of these two forums are official or you have some relationship with both companieshave already announced both. On the other hand, time and despite the fact that the data have been published, no hacker group has been linked to the attack or if the forums, after nearly two years, immunity or are aware of the security breach who suffer and which has allowed that this information be published.

If you are a user of one of these two forums, let know you that HaveIBeenPwned already have database in full what can help you to know for sure if you have been or not the victim of the theft of data from this attack. As sadly already usual, only recommend, in the event that you may or not be the victim of any attack which you modify your password in all kinds of services in which you can be given with the same credentials.

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