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Subsidiary Samsung battery faces an uncertain future because of the Note 7

Samsung SDI is not passing it well. After the sudden explosions of Galaxy Note 7 forcing it to disappear from the market, Samsung batteries subsidiary has lost more than one fifth of its market value. The worst thing is that the bad reputation would prevent him to attract new customers in other markets unrelated to smartphones.

Samsung SDI, formed in conjunction with Japan’s NEC in the 1970s, has in its ranks to customers such as Apple and looking to expand into markets such as electric cars and renewable energy supplies. Despite the fact that the problem of the single Note 7 concerning phones, some potential customers in other industries are concerned.

Although SDI was not guilty to 100% of this since the batteries produced by another Chinese supplier also broke out, they were the first to be designated. An employee of the company said to Reuters that after the first incidents were contacted by Apple. The company’s Cupertino wanted to make is that their batteries not would be the same luck.

Another employee said that the incident was embarrassing. In SDI thought that could control all the aspects of manufacturing but turned out that not. The request of a battery of greater duration them did focus all their efforts on this, neglecting others factors key, as it security.

SDI reported twice as many losses during the third quarter, compared with the same period in 2015.

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