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Subtel joined students of Informatics and telecommunications

A lecture held at the University of Chile, representatives of telecommunications companies in the country next to the Undersecretariat of telecommunications were presented for educating professionals of the future in the area.

The event featured students of the UTEM and Finis Terrae, all students of computer science and telecommunications. Most of them benefiting from free university education.

At its opening, the Undersecretary Rodrigo Ramirez told students:

You who today begin their studies with regard to the free, have a great opportunity. Especially because you have decided to study something that has to do with anything that comes in front: the engineering world, the world of telecommunications, the world of development, applications, future.

He also stressed the labour supply in the area and the challenges that come in the matter:

We still have a major challenge to take to meet the demand of professionals by the telecommunications industry and the computer. Recent studies warn of a shortfall of 31 percent of professionals, projected to the year 2019. The estimate is 19 thousand 513 vacancies this year, mainly in areas of cyber security, cloud, Big Data, the Internet of things and video technologies

On the importance of telecommunications, Ramirez said:

Telecommunications alone are useless if we don’t clearly define what are for. The development, improve the quality of life for people, designing a better place to live, that is the end of the telecommunication technologies,.

Ramirez also unveiled projections, like that “by 2019 there will be sensors connected 212 billion, 50 billion connected devices, networks 2.5 billion and 4.4 billion mobile apps”, which left him with the question if as a country we were prepared to deal with that Outlook, which he paints as the most dynamic industry of the country.

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