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Super Mario Run achieved USD $30 million of earnings

According to the company analyst of it industry of them video games, Newzoo, Super Mario Run has generated 30 million of dollars of profits since its launch (via The Wall Street Journal). The game was released on December 15 on iOS devices.

Super Mario Run is can download free of charge, however of this way only is possible play a couple of levels, to play the title full are must buy to USD $9.99.

The title has been downloaded 90 million times since its launch, but only 3 million users are paying for the full game. That 3% is quite low in comparison to the huge amount of downloads that has managed the game. If the total of those players had paid them USD $9.99, Super Mario Run would be giving around 900 million of dollars of earnings.

Super Mario solo Run is available for iOS devices, but soon will be too for users with Android; These already can register is to download it just is brand new.

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