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Super Mario Run is no longer the number one in revenue

Bad news for Nintendo: Super Mario Run is not the application with the highest income in the App Store. After a few weeks in first position, the spoiled plumber of all gave way to other applications in all countries that is available.

App Annie (via Bloomberg) report indicates the behavior of the application in the days after its release. Even though Super Mario Run continues to be number one in downloads in the majority of regions, the conversion to the pay version turns out to be more than poor.

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Apparently peculiar business model has passed the Bill to Nintendo. The company has little experience in the mobile and opt for a different to the conventional free to play model doesn’t seem to be a good idea. The firm Apptopia Inc. estimates that just a 1 or 2 per cent – of the fifty million that was discharged – have paid the $ 10 to unlock the final version.

The behavior of Super Mario Run is strange. In the case of Mexico stays in first place in downloads and second in revenue, below Clash Royale. In Chile has been displaced in downloads by the app’s Mc’Donalds, while in income has fallen to the sixth position, below games as Clash of Clans or the same Pokemon GO.

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