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Supercell will launch the tournaments in Clash Royale in a next update

Clash Royale

Supercell has become this week part of Tencent, a Chinese company that is knowing bet on several studies of video games as with charge of League of Legends, Riot Games and has now owned several of the titles that more profits obtained from the so-called freemium games.

These days ago we have known that Supercell is working on a major Update for Clash Royale, multiplayer game of fashion items online, which will bring a new game mode, tournaments. From the tab which is located beside the clan chat, and where were the broadcasts of games, this game mode is.

With this new game mode called “tournaments”, are accessible to some created by the own Supercell as they are launching different speculations. Being a game that is based on the items between players, have a feature as this well succulent Awards, would encourage more players to embark on this title that has elevated the quality of the respective virtual shops where for download.

Just a little something we’re working on…

-Clash Royale (@ClashRoyale) June 23, 2016

Supercell has provided this image where we can find the new mode from your Twitter account and it has indicated that they are currently working on it. So expectations are raised by this game and tournaments that you can create. We also hope that they remember the players who do not have as much monetary capacity and those tournaments are linked to the different arenas.

It is here where Clash Royale has received criticisms have some legendary letters that need lot of euros to obtain them from the chests. We hope to also bring some novelty to bring more content to normal, and not for those who will spend thousands of dollars to have the best deck of cards.

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