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SuperTanker: The Game, the game of turn off fire forest

It is not a location for festinar, but in Chile things are taken – in general – with some humor and for this reason is that it is has created a game of fire where the protagonists are known by all characters.

In SuperTanker: The Game there are that make it possible for turn off fire throwing water from a plane that can be the SuperTanker or Ilyushin (also known as the Lushin). In the case of the first aircraft, must choose between two pilots (Piñera or Bachelet), while the second is piloted by footballer Vladimir Putin.

SuperTanker The Game 01

SuperTanker: The Game is played super easily by touching the screen to throw water or down to reload the plane, all spiced with dramatic and exciting, super music according to the situation. It is absolutely free, by the way.

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