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surface Phone will have a cover that will serve as a keyboard

Surface Phone

A few days ago my colleague Villamandos echoed one image where so-called appeared a Surface Phone with a Touch Cover cover model that would provide the mobile a keyboard as well as a protective cover. Even though were not sure at that time that there was this gadget really for the Surface Phone, now if we can say it. A few days ago Microsoft has updated the Touch Cover patent, introducing a smaller model for smartphone, which would be a Touch Surface Phone Cover case. New Microsoft terminal will be launched at the beginning of 2017, as reports say and won’t be alone. The patent modified speaks of a cover with keyboard, a system similar to Touch Cover, is more, such patent was registered from 2009, which served for them fundas-teclado of Microsoft and Surface, but on this occasion the patent is has updated to include the format phablet or mobile to this technology.

A new patent talks about the new accessory Surface phone

Both the image as this change of patent claim with asserted that Microsoft will launch this accessory to your new smartphone but also indicate that the terminal will be focused to the world professional, being a great alternative for all. Surface Phone will be able to connect to any TV or display with Miracast technology, if to this we add a small keyboard, the result is a perfect portable device for everyone, especially for those who want to write on Windows 10 without having to buy a computer or charge with a laptop.

I personally believe that this accessory will become an indispensable for those who want to use Microsoft Continuum in the new Surface Phone, something that has already happened with Surface Pro. Microsoft seeks a mobile that impacts and I firmly believe that Surface Phone will impact, but it will be for good or for evil?

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