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SwiftKey introduces new incognito mode and shortcuts

The most recent update of SwiftKey for Android is accompanied by news in the Centre of keyboard features, also known as Hub, accessible via the icon Burger appearing on one side of the predictions.

Her official blog, SwiftKey detailed the new features and the redesign of SwiftKey Hub, as the quick access to the Clipboard, shortcuts to long sentences and a new incognito mode.

Although the Clipboard was present in SwiftKey for a long time, the new update takes you to the Hub of features. With it, users can save sentences to copy and paste easily.


As an enhancement of the Clipboard, stands out the arrival of shortcuts, a way to write a lot with just typing a Word. For example, to write a home just typing a shortcut, as ‘home1’, as specified by the user.


Finally, we have the new incognito mode that we will take care of unwanted users. SwiftKey put as an example avoid that you discover looking for an engagement ring for a prediction, but might be required for more than that. It is worth mentioning that, by activating the incognito mode, the issue of the keyboard will change to identify that it is enabled.

All these developments should already be available in SwiftKey Hub, where you can also modify the layout of the keyboard, the size, make it float, change the theme and configure its operation in general.

SwiftKey [Play Store]

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