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Synaptics will launch a fingerprint reader for Windows Hello


One of the premium features that Microsoft announced a year ago with Windows 10 is the famous security carrying Microsoft’s operating system, a security which was accompanied by Windows Hello and making users to have their data safe.

But, after a year, Hello Windows has not been nor is it as many had hoped. The truth is that to make it work Windows Hello need hardware specific such as a fingerprint reader or a scanner of iris, rather than by the time many computers don’t have.
But only for the time already that Synpatics will launch later this year a usb which is fingerprint reader and whose purpose is the give support to Windows Hello. The peculiarity of this adapter or accessory Synaptics usb is that its size is very small, so small that it is only the fingerprint reader and the usb connection.

Synaptics will provide more performance to Windows Hello with your fingerprint reader

Synaptics has presented this new accessory at The COMPUTEX Taipei trade fair that is taking place these days, and while yet we have not seen him in action, the business delegates affirm that it is fully compatible with Windows Hello and Microsoft Passport, which will be useful for many who are looking for more security, or mobile security in your devices.

Unfortunately we do not know how much it will cost or when will be released but sources close to Synaptics ensure that markets will be at the end of this year, possibly with some official event parallel to this form or Microsoft. I personally think that although the Synpatics gadget is very interesting, the truth is that becomes a living proof that Windows 10 has not been nor is what all expected of it or at least what we promised. They are still many phones that do not have Windows 10 Mobile, or there are many apps universal and so want can count on Windows Hello. Then What are the differences to the end-user regarding Windows 8?

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