Wednesday , March 21 2018
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More power to them Chromebook of ASUS


Gradually seems that the idea of offer Chromebook to all your customers has fruit set in practically all the manufacturers of computers. An example clearly have it in the ASUS Flip, one of the most attractive and interesting of the market Chromebooks. Unfortunately also is true that, since is oriented …

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ASUS ZenScreen, the laptop screen connected by USB-C


ASUS continues giving much work to those specialists in the IFA, and is that the company Taiwanese continues playing all them sticks of it technology. ASUS maintains their devices of good performance and to prices restraint flooding the market, reason by which is have won a good fame that is …

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Asus ZenPad 3s, premium model that will arrive in July


The Tablet market has declined notably this year 2015, little, is practically a field dominated by Apple. The truth is that tablets running Android have achieved notoriety, caused mainly by its poor materials and the invasion of dubious origin and quality devices. However, companies like Asus, Huawei and Samsung are …

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Asus is preparing a renewal of the Nexus Player


Seems totally abandoned the development of the Nexus Player, perhaps that is the reason why Asus and Google have decided to revive it with a new design and some more features. The reality, is that Android TV not has triumphed as much as it should, having Google Cast devices at …

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Asus Zenbook 3, extremely slim and beautiful


The design has become increasingly something relevant when purchasing a laptop, there are many users seeking the extreme lightness and functionality, giving priority on the brute power, since users have begun to realize that you need not perhaps both processor and RAM as believed to perform their basic duties. For …

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