Saturday , March 25 2017
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Ads finally reach Facebook videos

While much time has passed since on Facebook they sit for the first time to seek solutions to try to increase their profits, meeting from which was planted the idea that could be interesting to begin to insert ads in your videos, finally from the famous social network announced that …

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Facebook already offers support safety USB key

Security in our accounts is a very important matter for details, photos, and other information that is usually dump them. Whether these Dropbox, Facebook or Google, is important to be always attentive to the developments that will allow us to offer extra security layers to resort to them in some …

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Facebook Stories is now a reality

It has been slow to arrive though, after checking that she Instagram stories is a success, the company responsible for the immense social network has not been them another option to confirm not only that, thanks to this feature, among others, Instagram has achieved tremendous growth, so the time has …

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Facebook allows you to put States color


As we are already almost accustomed to see, almost every week, be it Facebook, Whatsapp or Instagram, come to the fore to announce new changes in their applications. This time has been the own Facebook which has just added a new feature to its platform which will allow you to …

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Tuenti rises from the ashes and buys Facebook to revolutionize networks


Everyone thought for years that Facebook was the goose that lays the golden eggs, especially when the company’s Mark Zuckerberg had acquired Instagram and WhatsApp. However, seems not be gold all that glitters, and Movistar, owner of Tuenti, has decided give a new roll to the networks social acquiring Facebook. …

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Facebook copied again to Snapchat to stop the false news


During the holding of elections in the United States, Facebook became an important source of false news, which supposedly could have influenced the election results. For treat of improve its image, the company of Mark Zuckerberg will modify it form in that is publishing news in it network social to …

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Facebook develops a method for censoring content in China


Many are them multinational that have tried enter in the great market Chinese, but due to the restrictions of the Government, the censorship of the country has prevented that Google, Twitter or YouTube could offer their services of form usual, what forced to these giant to leave the country without …

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