Monday , March 19 2018
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LG G6 reserves are already at 40,000 units


The first data on the stocks of devices presented at the Mobile World Congress of this year begin to publish on the Web and one which seems is getting a good amount of reserves after that last March 2 opened officially the reserves is the new LG G6. The truth …

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This would be the design of the new LG G6


The year 2016 it is coming to an end and all manufacturers of mobile devices already look to 2017 as the year in which again their ships insignia will launch with those who try to be the dominators. An of them companies that wants to give you shelve as soon …

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Battery removable for the LG G6?


Are coming to end of year and the renewal of the current LG G5 is each time more closely. Remember that LG launched the current ship logo with a series of accessories to mode of smartphone modular that not has had the success that is expected, by this them rumors …

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LG Pay LG payment method is delayed yet again


At the end of all this payment method proposed by LG called as LG Pay, turns to delay. To end of the last year and a little before is said that this method of payment for them devices of the brand is presented in the Mobile World Congress of Barcelona, …

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A new rendering shows the LG V20 with dual camera


It is fashionable. This dual camera fashion. There are several manufacturers that are committed to implementing this type of technology that allows us to improve the quality of our photographs. Like the LG G5, a device which by its battery problems has not reached jig on the market, enjoy two …

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