Saturday , March 25 2017
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Microsoft Office 365 is updated to stopping spear phishing attacks


Microsoft Office 365 has just received an important security update where your developers have attempted to avoid at the end that spear phishing attacks to receive using this platform. For those who do not know how this technique works, commenting that what hackers do is send documents with links …

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1507 10 Windows version will no longer receive updates

While Windows 10 has relatively little in the market, we have to go back to July 2015, date in which it launched this first version, today we learned that, after many updates, since Microsoft have decided that the time has come without official support and go with all these versions …

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Microsoft Unveils 10 Windows Update makes you vulnerable


As user of Windows safe that will know of first hand what can arrive to complicate you the life do a update in of the system operating, now, also, as is has revealed from it own Microsoft, them updates in Windows 10 can put you in real danger since the …

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Microsoft releases its Machine Learning Tools


As we have already mentioned on some other occasion, we could say that, without neglecting other branches of business, the truth is that Microsoft seem to have opted for virtually all its future on issues of artificial intelligence, one of the most promising lines of business. You have proof of …

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