Tuesday , January 23 2018
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MIT creates a new programming language for Big Data


One of the major problems of computer science since its inception, while today is not so into account in according to which programs, it is the memory management. I say this because, obviously, it is not the same thing your program look for information in a database with thousand records, …

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MIT discovers how to multiply by 10 WiFi speed


As a safe user you will be agree with me on that, purchase speed contracted with your internet provider, never enough, we always need more. To try to remedy this problem, especially in public space, there are many teams of researchers, including MIT, trying to get to raise the speed …

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Create more efficient and durable litio-oxigeno battery


From the MIT, Institute technology of Massachusetts, just of announce that one of their teams of research has got design a new battery of litio-oxigeno that improves of way significant both in life useful as in efficiency energy to all the versions previous. As detail, facing batteries of lithium, models …

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