Saturday , March 25 2017
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Nintendo Switch controls function in Android and PC easily


One of the great advantages of the new generation consoles is the absence of cables in your controls, that not only opens a lot of doors to the compatibility of devices from third party manufacturers, but that opens the most important of all, the give control of our console application …

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The curious Nintendo Switch safety recommendations


We continue to bingo with the most anticipated console of recent years, Switch, the big N, remains locked in a lot of controversy, there are many YouTubers who have issued their complaints on the subject of performance, durability and even noise that can make the fans, an example course is …

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HP introduces a new Chromebook focused educational environment


If we told you about recently that Google intends to leave some of the Chromebook side, nothing is further from reality, the possibility of installing Google Play in Chrome OS has made that this type of low-cost (and performance) devices have risen as foam. This HP, knows it well that …

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Why do Nintendo Switch cartridges know evil?


We are talking about almost every day the Nintendo Switch, the last big release of Japanese company aims to return to the market through the front door, which is that yesterday was officially March 3 Nintendo Switch stores and many are users who have been able to check if same …

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The submachine gun of PlayStation VR will arrive in may


Sony PlayStation has finished to proclaim himself as the leader in virtual reality entertainment during the year 2016, I had days ago as the VR PlayStation have become the main alternative to face to virtual reality, getting to reach over 900,000 sales, figure that has surprised even the own Sony. …

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Another Nokia 3310, cash and more than 2,500 euros


We talked about halfway between the resignation and the memories of the Nokia 3310, which had been presented during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona a few days ago. The reality is that it is the perfect alternative, however, what Squeak us is that this type of devices focused on …

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