Saturday , March 24 2018
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Nintendo Switch controls function in Android and PC easily


One of the great advantages of the new generation consoles is the absence of cables in your controls, that not only opens a lot of doors to the compatibility of devices from third party manufacturers, but that opens the most important of all, the give control of our console application …

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The Nintendo Switch does not save the entries in the microSD

Increasingly, users who are receiving and enjoying the new Nintendo console and are increasingly more complaints which are experiencing some of them, seeing as some basic functions of other consoles are not available in the Nintendo Switch. It seems that Nintendo wants to be on everyone’s lips, but talk about …

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The Nintendo Switch passes through the hands of iFixit

Each time that a new device, be it smartphone, computer, console or any other electronic device, the guys at iFixit put hands to work to check if it is repairable and what are the different components that are part of the same. The last console from Nintendo that is already …

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The Nintendo Switch will not be compatible with bluetooth headsets

Sometimes the decisions of large companies when it comes to limit the possibilities of their devices are really absurd, but to some understandable, if they offer an alternative albeit passing per box, something that does not always like users. The last case of absurdity of a company motion found in …

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Nintendo Switch is not case for digital games


During the day yesterday revealed new details about the content and the mode in which will operate the Nintendo Switch. One of its most criticized aspects is the fact that the console only has 32GB of storage, accompanied by a card reader. It is not for less when most of …

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Nintendo may not make the Wii U this same Friday


Nintendo has a star in the market with the new game console Switch, and since outside presented to them days of the Wii U in the market were numbered. But what no one or almost no one expected is that the Japanese company would end so fast with her. And …

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