Saturday , March 25 2017
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Pokémon GO over 1,000 million dollars in revenue


One of the successes of the year across all mobile platforms has been Pokémon GO, which has been in a large number of news headlines almost since its launch although in recent months with less intensity. Niantic Developer updates every month the application trying to add new options, characters and …

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Second hit mortal in a week by fault of Pokemon Go


Although Niantic informs the players not to use the application while driving, many users who ignore these signs and accidents happen at the end. Is well certain that the people is is awareness that use the smartphone while is leads is really dangerous since them things occur in that second …

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Pokemon Go shoot them sales of those batteries auxiliary


Pokémon Go is a game that is revolutionizing the Niantic and Nintendo accounts, but it seems that they are not the only accounts that is revolutionizing. Apparently several reports economic indicate that after the launch of Pokémon Go, the sale of batteries auxiliary or powerbanks has grown considerably. And this …

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Arduino Pokeball, a pokeball real to catch Pokemon


Pokemon is hard after the latest updates, something that makes that we spend many pokeballs to catch a pokemon or even that one pokemon that you want to hunt slip away. This is not difficult to solve if we live near a pokeparada, but but we live far from one …

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Pokémon Go officially reach Latin America


Pokémon Go is without a doubt the game of the moment, which has managed to engage millions of players around the world have taken to the street to get catch all the available Pokémon. Unfortunately for many, there are still some countries which is not available in an official way, …

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Windows Phone users continue to ask for Pokémon Go to your mobile


Although Pokémon Go continues to cause fury around the world, the truth is that not everyone can play Pokémon Go on their mobiles. Currently Niantic has just released the official version for mobile phones with Android and iOS, aside from Windows Phone users. Since the announcement of Pokémon Go with …

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