Thursday , March 22 2018
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Nfortec, boxes and fans of performance professional for your PC


Nfortec is a new company Murcia that just of birth with the intention of offering components of PC that grant a high performance to prices adjusted. In this way, we will find in its catalogue products such as towers, fans and coolers, which will offer high-end performance. Have State in …

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Wacom presents Slate and Folio, along with a new pencil, the Omni


Wacom is a company specialized in digital tablets, those products that enable artists and designers draw on classic format, but take advantage of all the capabilities of current technology. Wacom is also present in the IFA 2016, as it could not be otherwise, so we bring you their two new …

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ASUS ZenScreen, the laptop screen connected by USB-C


ASUS continues giving much work to those specialists in the IFA, and is that the company Taiwanese continues playing all them sticks of it technology. ASUS maintains their devices of good performance and to prices restraint flooding the market, reason by which is have won a good fame that is …

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