Saturday , March 25 2017
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Put stickers to your Nintendo Switch can damage your plastic


Another day, another route over the Nintendo Switch, talk about console now, the hybrid between laptop and desktop Nintendo presented a few months ago that went on sale last Friday and was not without controversy, the console of the big N is attracting so many criticism as praise, and it …

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Rainbox Six: Siege will be free this weekend


Ubisoft remains in his campaign to go more popularizing even the most striking infiltration tactics cooperative game of recent years. Are not talking about another game than Rainbox Six: Siege, the fantastic MPFPS that has attracted a host of players from around the world and which has already been free …

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Nintendo has generated $ 53 million dollars with Super Mario Run

On 7 September, Apple surprised friends and strangers to announce through Miyamoto launch exclusive Super Mario Run, the first Mario coming to mobile platforms in an official way, but it was not until December 15, when we were able to download and test the performance of the bet by Nintendo …

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Square Enix and Marvel work on a video game of the Avengers

A film that was very much of the action movie-loving public, superheroes and even to lovers of comic books is The Avengers. However, unlike many of these films, as it could happen with Batman: Arkaham Night, it was not accompanied by a video game to the height, I say to …

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Black Friday was a success for Sony PS4 2 million sold


Black Friday It has been a sales success, where for example Amazon approached one million products sold, only in Spain. However, one of the big winners was Sony, which managed to sell two million consoles PlayStation 4, thanks in part to the interesting offers and succulent discounts that were on …

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Pokémon Sól and moon pushed sales of Nintendo 3DS by 361%


Pokemon is always a topic of conversation to each of its new products, could not be otherwise, is a saga that remains impassive with the passage of the years. In addition, Nintendo has been able to work very well with her, introducing changes to account drops, in such a way …

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Now you can “buy” the Nintendo Switch by 236 EUR


The price of the Nintendo Switch is a great unknown, or was it until this evening. And is that a British store has begun to offer pre-sales of the Nintendo Switch with only 198 pounds, equivalent to about 236 euros at the current Exchange. This is putting legs up the …

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Rocket League: Game of The Year Edition comes to PS4 and PC


The development of Rocket League team just announced good news, and is coming to PlayStation 4 and PC a new edition of the game, the Rocket League: Game of The Year Edition, which includes all the DLCs in the single package. It’s a game, for you do not know, which …

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