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So is the Xiaomi my MIX after falling to the floor

Possibly that Samsung replay it is and we see a Galaxy S8 without bevels to the Xiaomi my MIX. Not so much play it is because it has been which has really started this trend of smartphones without bevels with their “edge”, but is Chinese manufacturer which has the lace …

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It is possible to book the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 and Mix my Xiaomi

This week Xiaomi presented formally the new Mi Note 2, after a long wait and see for that expected dozens of different rumors, some of them without too much sense. Also Chinese manufacturer surprised almost everyone with the presentation also Xiaomi Mi Mix a spectacular smartphone screen 6.4 inches and …

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Xiaomi my Mix, a smartphone of 6.4 inches unframed

Click here to view the embedded video. Xiaomi has present today same officially expected my Note 2 which has not left indifferent to almost no one, and also his new glasses virtual reality baptized as my VR. In addition it has also had time in an event long enough to …

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