Thursday , March 22 2018
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YouTube Gaming lands today in Spain


Many and very good news we are seeing today for users who live in Spain. Now Google to Youtube Gaming video games, platform arrives in Spain to stay. Many of you sure that you are already enjoying it with the games streaming live from the youtbers Spanish dedicated to the …

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YouTube Go is a new Google application for emerging markets


If are lovers of them videos, it more likely is that should have much care with the use that we make of it application YouTube to enjoy of our videos favorite. Alternatively, we can expect to reach a Wi-Fi connection or through download videos at home and pass them to …

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97% of YouTube traffic is encrypted


Despite efforts by Facebook to become a rival to the height of YouTube, it is still very much the video platform from Facebook to make some shade to the Almighty YouTube. Meanwhile, YouTube continues to add improvements to security in its different platforms so that users can continue to enjoy …

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YouTube Kids reach Spain on July 13


Ago already a time that Google announced of form official YouTube Kids, the version of the popular portal of videos for children, that now will make his landing in Spain the next 13 of July. In other countries such as United States already available with great success since the month …

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The YouTube mobile app will offer soon on live streaming


If we looked for the perfect service to offer streaming in real-time, surely many might say that YouTube, to be the biggest platform for videos on the planet, is perfect for this. We can also say that they were already taking time to offer this capability from the YouTube mobile …

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YouTube will incorporate new search app for mobile filters


YouTube has not wanted to never incorporate all these extra options you have on the desktop in the mobile version. We do not know the whys or the reasons that this has happened, but if you wanted to search for videos in one more concrete, the version of the computer …

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